Package org.jdesktop.swingx.rollover

Interface Summary
RolloverRenderer Interface to mark renderers as "live".

Class Summary
ListRolloverController<T extends JList> listens to rollover properties.
ListRolloverProducer List-specific implementation of RolloverProducer.
RolloverController<T extends JComponent> Controller for "live" behaviour of XXRenderers.
RolloverProducer Mouse/Motion/Listener which maps mouse coordinates to client coordinates and stores these as client properties in the target JComponent.
TableRolloverController<T extends JTable> listens to rollover properties.
TableRolloverProducer Table-specific implementation of RolloverProducer.
TreeRolloverController<T extends JTree> listens to rollover properties.
TreeRolloverProducer Tree-specific implementation of RolloverProducer.