Class ListSortUI

  extended by org.jdesktop.swingx.plaf.basic.core.ListSortUI

public final class ListSortUI
extends Object

ListSortUI provides support for managing the synchronization between RowSorter, SelectionModel and ListModel if a JXList is sortable.

This implementation is an adaption of JTable.SortManager fit to the needs of a ListUI. In contrast to JTable tradition, the ui delegate has full control about listening to model/selection changes and updating the list accordingly. So it's role is that of a helper to the ui-delgate (vs. as a helper of the JTable). It's still up to the ListUI itself to listen to model/selection and propagate the notification to this class, if a sorter is installed, but still do the usual updates (layout, repaint) itself. On the other hand, listening to the sorter and updating list state accordingly is completely done by this.

Constructor Summary
ListSortUI(JXList list, RowSorter<? extends ListModel> sorter)
          Intanstiates a SortUI on the list which has the given RowSorter.
Method Summary
protected  RowSorterListener createRowSorterListener()
          Creates and returns a RowSorterListener.
 void dispose()
          Disposes any resources used by this SortManager.
 void modelChanged(ListDataEvent e)
          Called after notification from ListModel.
protected  void sortedChanged(RowSorterEvent e)
          Called after notification from RowSorter.
 void viewSelectionChanged(ListSelectionEvent e)
          Called after notification from selectionModel.
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Constructor Detail


public ListSortUI(JXList list,
                  RowSorter<? extends ListModel> sorter)
Intanstiates a SortUI on the list which has the given RowSorter.

list - the list to control, must not be null
sorter - the rowSorter of the list, must not be null
NullPointerException - if either the list or the sorter is null
IllegalStateException - if the sorter is not the sorter installed on the list
Method Detail


public void dispose()
Disposes any resources used by this SortManager. Note: this instance must not be used after dispose!


public void modelChanged(ListDataEvent e)
Called after notification from ListModel.

e - the change event from the listModel.


public void viewSelectionChanged(ListSelectionEvent e)
Called after notification from selectionModel. Invoked when the selection, on the view, has changed.


protected void sortedChanged(RowSorterEvent e)
Called after notification from RowSorter.

e - RowSorter event of type SORTED.


protected RowSorterListener createRowSorterListener()
Creates and returns a RowSorterListener. This implementation calls sortedChanged if the event is of type SORTED.

rowSorterListener to install on sorter.