Interface ErrorReporter

public interface ErrorReporter

ErrorReporter is used by JXErrorPane to implement a pluggable error reporting API. For example, a JXErrorPane may use an EmailErrorReporter, or a LogErrorReporter, or perhaps even an RSSErrorReporter.

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Method Summary
 void reportError(ErrorInfo info)
          Reports an error based on the given ErrorInfo.

Method Detail


void reportError(ErrorInfo info)
                 throws NullPointerException

Reports an error based on the given ErrorInfo. This method may be a long running method, and so should not block the EDT in any way. If an error occurs while reporting the error, it must not throw an exception from this method. If an error dialog causes another error, it should be silently swallowed. If proper heuristics can be used, an attempt can be made some time later to re-report failed error reports, but such attempts should be transparent to the user.

info - encapsulates all information to report using this facility. Must not be null.
thrown - if the info param is null