Class PainterPropertyEditor.AreaDelegate

  extended by java.beans.PersistenceDelegate
      extended by org.jdesktop.swingx.editors.PainterPropertyEditor.AreaDelegate
Enclosing class:

public static final class PainterPropertyEditor.AreaDelegate
extends PersistenceDelegate

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  Expression instantiate(Object oldInstance, Encoder out)
          Returns an expression whose value is oldInstance.
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Constructor Detail


public PainterPropertyEditor.AreaDelegate()
Method Detail


protected Expression instantiate(Object oldInstance,
                                 Encoder out)
Description copied from class: java.beans.PersistenceDelegate
Returns an expression whose value is oldInstance. This method is used to characterize the constructor or factory method that should be used to create the given object. For example, the instantiate method of the persistence delegate for the Field class could be defined as follows:
 Field f = (Field)oldInstance;
 return new Expression(f, f.getDeclaringClass(), "getField", new Object[]{f.getName()});
Note that we declare the value of the returned expression so that the value of the expression (as returned by getValue) will be identical to oldInstance.

Specified by:
instantiate in class PersistenceDelegate
oldInstance - The instance that will be created by this expression.
out - The stream to which this expression will be written.
An expression whose value is oldInstance.