Class MacOSXPopupLocationFix

  extended by org.jdesktop.swingx.autocomplete.workarounds.MacOSXPopupLocationFix

public final class MacOSXPopupLocationFix
extends Object

Fix a problem where the JComboBox's popup obscures its editor in the Mac OS X Aqua look and feel.

Installing this fix will resolve the problem for Aqua without having side-effects for other look-and-feels. It also supports dynamically changed look and feels.

See Also:
Glazed Lists bug entry, SwingX bug entry

Method Summary
static MacOSXPopupLocationFix install(JComboBox comboBox)
          Install the fix for the specified combo box.
 void uninstall()
          Uninstall the fix.
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Method Detail


public static MacOSXPopupLocationFix install(JComboBox comboBox)
Install the fix for the specified combo box.


public void uninstall()
Uninstall the fix. Usually this is unnecessary since letting the combo box go out of scope is sufficient.